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What are the differences between the Mk1a, and Mk1b........

If you don't know which car you have here are some of the differences between the Mk1a and Mk1b.

As a rule of thumb, a Mk1a is from 1985 to 1987, Mk1b form 1987 to 1990. But both types were made in 1987, and there seems to be a crossover point where some mk1b parts were used on the mk1a.


Mk1a has a 1 piece rubber front spoiler about 2" deep.

Mk1b has a 2 piece plastic front spoiler, about 4"deep.

Metal front panels are different.

Black plastic front grill is shallower on Mk1b

Mk1a has a flat fronted front bumper, which has a matt black (unpainted) bottom half, and black headlamp eyebrows.

Front bumper reinforcement bars are different.

Mk1b front bumper has an angle leaning forwards. (the front bumper bars are different) body colour eyebrows.

Mk1a has a manual aerial in the roof.

Mk1b has an electric aerial on the rear wing.

Mk1a has black  rubber 'triangles' in front of the rear wheels and no side skirts.

Mk1a has front and rear mudflaps.

Mk1b has fibreglass side skirts, with fibreglass triangles that are body coloured. (some late mk1a will have the side skirts)

Mk1a has front mud flaps. b does not.

Mk1a has 10 black body mouldings.

Mk1b has 6 body mouldings, in body colour with pinstripes.

Mk1a has 3 spoke triangle alloys, mk1b has telephone dial alloys.

Mk1a wheel nuts have black caps.

Mk1a engine air intake in different.

All T-Bar Mk1s are Mk1b.

In summary, the easiest way to tell which car you have, is to see where the aerial is.


The interiors are very different......

Mk1a seats are 2 tone, Mk1b are one colour.

Mk1a glove box has no lock, and the catch on the car is different.

Mk1b between seat storage compartment has an arm to hold it up.

Door cards are completly different, although the window switches are interchangable.

Mk1a has a subwoofer under the drivers seat, Mk1b doesn't, but it does still have the wiring to install one.

Mk1a ashtray is in front of the gear lever,

Mk1b ashtray in beside the gear lever (lids often snap off!)

Mk1b late models have a dimmer for the speedo lights.

Mk1a has no rear speakers, Mk1b has them in top corners by rear window.

Mk1a rear boot trim is different, and not interchangable (air filter on Mk1b goes through boot).

Mk1a steering wheel is smaller,  has exposed metal spokes (same as Corolla AE86) and is more sought after.

Mk1a has front strut top caps (as did the Supercharger Mk1b).

Ignition lock is different, and not interchangeable.

T-Bar Mk1b has front  strut brace fitted.

Mk1a headlmp and wiper switches are more square.



Some late Mk1b headlamp switches have a dimmer.

Mk1a has one coat hook, Mk1b has 2.

Mk1a and Mk1b radio surrounds and heater controls are different, and not interchagable.

Mk1a has chrome side heater air vent controls.

Mk1a has a centre padded arm rest (which often distorts as people put their elbows on it.)


Mk1a engine has 16 valve in blue, mk1b has 16 valve in red.

Mk1a has 3 rib engine block, Mk1b has 7 rib block.

Flywheel is different size.

Mk1a ECU is different, and are not interchangable.

Injectors are different.

Wiring loom is different.

Coil is different.

Throttle body is different.

Inlet manifold is different (I have seen 6 different types)

Mk1a brake master cylinder is different.

Mk1a has different radiator brackets.

Mk1a has different radiator fans.

Mk1a has different rear subframes.

Mk1a has different rear hubs.

Mk1a has different rear adjustable tie rods.

Mk1a brake discs are smaller.

Mk1a air filter is in the engine bay, on Mk1b it is in the rear boot.

Mk1a Map sensor is different.

Mk1 has a smaller clutch (200mm v 212mm)

Mk1a has smaller dia rear anti roll bar.

Mk1a and b suspension struts are different.

Mk1a has a C50 gearbox, b has a C52 box.

Mk1a and b driveshafts are different.

Mk1b fuel tank has a drain plug under, Mk1a doesn't.

Below is a nice standard Mk1a.

Below is a standard Mk1b.

If anybody wants to tell me of more differences they know of, please email me.for MR2 pictures, and rare MR2 parts.

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